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Mountie Noir

The Mad Mountie
Inspector Wilfred Blake

"Michael Slade's books are blood-chilling, spine-tingling, gut-wrenching, stomach-churning, and a much closer look at the inside of a maniac's brain than most people would find comfortable - but always riveting." - Diana Gabaldon, the # 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Outlander series


The Headhunter is loose on the streets of Vancouver.

The psycho's victims are everywhere - floating in the Fraser River, buried in a shallow grave, nailed to an Indian totem pole on the university campus. All are women. All are headless.

Then the taunting photographs arrive. Carefully posed shots of the women's heads stuck on poles.

The Mounties of Special X are up against a unique brand of killer. A killer whose sexual psychosis stretches back through Ecuador's steaming jungle and a scream-filled New Orleans dungeon to a dead-of-winter manhunt in the Rocky Mountains a century ago.

"A real chiller!" - Robert Bloch (author of PSYCHO)
"Well written, well researched, and a gripper." - The Daily Mail, London
"It's really good." - Alice Cooper
"Full of spooky weird stuff, fast-paced action, and a surprise ending. There are twists and turns, false leads, and sudden shocks." - The Gazette, Montreal
"Compulsively readable through to the really shattering surprise ending." - Weekend Australian


Dressed in a cape and top hat, with a bone white face and madman's eyes, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill - bloodily, perversely, inexplicably.

In Vancouver, the horror rock group Ghoul cavort onstage, their act a bizarre and violent front. But, for what? Drugs? Snuff films? Dirty money? Contract killings?

Inspector Zinc Chandler of Special X thinks he knows.

Is there a connection between London's orgy of killings and Vancouver's underworld sleaze?

The answer could lie in the dark obsessions and twisted Cthulhu Mythos fantasies of an old Rhode Island family whose tainted past will not lie quiet in its grave.

Alice Cooper photo by Kevin Statham

H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu in the lost city of R'lyeh

"GHOUL is terrifying. I couldn't put it down." - Alice Cooper
"Slade is warped and I love it! He builds suspense like Chinese water torture. GHOUL horrified all of us." - Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden
"As alarming a piece of Gothic as I've read in many a black moon. GHOUL treads a perverted fantastic with droll skill." - The Times, London
"To put it bluntly, GHOUL is not for wimps." - Fangoria
"GHOUL almost finished me. Total wipeout. Here's a book that gives you real shock value for the money." - Robert Bloch, H.P. Lovecraft's friend


In 1876, naturalist Francis Parker makes an extraordinary discovery before losing his life - and the evidence - in the horrific carnage of the Little Bighorn.

In 1987, Judge Hutton Murdoch is addressing the American Bar Association in San Francisco when his brain is blown apart by a high-velocity bullet. Two days later, a Vancouver judge is pondering a complex point of law when a masked intruder slits his throat from ear to ear.

The hunt for an ingenious killer leads Special X to a corporate octopus engaged in bizarre genetic experiments, a sinister Chinese family with a centuries-old obsession, and ultimately to the secret of man's earliest beginnings.

From the darkest depths of the past to today's highest tech, from Custer's Last Stand to China's Forbidden City, a cold-blooded assassin lures the Mounties and the FBI up into the ice-capped Rocky Mountains for a showdown with the prehistoric Sasquatch.

"Snap, crackle, perp! The plotting is meticulous, the fruit of much respectable research." - The Observer, London
"Realism, tension, and good, honest frights. The thrills come every few pages." - The Canadian Press
"Slade's most ambitious novel. CUTTHROAT gives a jolt to the serial killer genre."
- Fangoria
"Compulsively exciting, intriguingly complex, and impossible to put down." - Today, London
"Some of the most chilling murder-suspense-horror-cop procedural prose ever to stain paper." - Calgary Herald
"CUTTHROAT made me a committed Sladist." - Book Magazine


Jack the Ripper is dead, right? Don't bet your life on it!

Who would slash the body to shreds, then rip the face off America's foremost feminist - and hang her out to die?

Who would take a pair of twin hookers on a terror trip that made death seem innocent and sweet?

Who would turn a secluded island gathering of bright and beautiful people into a carnival of carnage?

What grim and grisly figure stood, dripping knife in hand, at the end of the most horrifying trail of death and deception that Mounties Robert DeClercq and Zinc Chandler ever followed?

A lot of people were dying to find out.

"Literary bungee-jumping with Agatha Christie's bastard son." - The Georgia Straight
"Slade is at his peak with RIPPER. A schizophrenic whodunit complete with locked rooms and self-triggering death devices. Highly enjoyable." - Time Out, London
"Intense enough to require seatbelts." - Quill & Quire
"A killer of a book! Welcome to Deadman's Island!" - Trauma, London
"Slade knows psychos inside out." - The Toronto Star
"Builds up to a climax almost too frantically gripping for words." - The Northern Echo, Britain
"A shocking insight into the psyche of the insane." - Canadian Lawyer

Zombie (Evil Eye)

A crazed cop killer driven to annihilate the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The last-stand battle at Rorke's Drift in 19th century Africa.

An innocent Mountie on trial for murder in a case fraught with hidden agendas.

A neo-Nazi skinhead persecuted by animated skeletons.

A suicide bomber loose on a ship hosting the Mounties' Red Serge Ball

A pair of ruthless mercenaries hunting Inspector Zinc Chandler in the wilds of Africa.

What thin red line from the heart of darkness links this chain of mystery, mayhem, and madness?

"Canada's Master of Horror. The tag is fully justified. ZOMBIE's plot moves at lightning speed, uncovering bizarre motives. Given the number of corpses wearing red serge, Slade's admiration for the RCMP is a very special case of tough love."
- Maclean's Magazine
"ZOMBIE holds you spellbound. This tension-filled whodunit keeps you guessing at the killer's identity and motive." - The Ottawa Citizen
"Canada's Stephen King. ZOMBIE packs in the thrills. A bomb is ticking." - Equity
"Gross, engaging, and witty, Slade pulls no punches. I was hooked. I think you will be too." - The Advocate, for lawyers
"A riveting crime/horror novel. ZOMBIE is a heart-stopping thriller." - The Edmonton Sunday Sun
"ZOMBIE is jam-packed with action. Even the most perceptive reader will not likely be able to string together the subtle clues that solve the whodunit. Rise to that challenge, and enjoy the complex plot, the rich characterization, and the amazing precision with which all the story's ingredients are synthesized." - The Halifax Daily News

Primal Scream (Shrink)

Once your head's cut off, that's the worst that can happen to it, right?


PRIMAL SCREAM begins with an exchange of gunfire between present-day Mounties and Native Indian militants who have seized a stretch of sacred land around Totem Lake in northern British Columbia to resurrect the Sun Dance. While dodging bullets, one of the cops discovers the arrow-shot body of a headless man frozen under the ice. Enraged by cultural and sexual abuse in a government-sanctioned residential school in his youth, Winterman Snow - an albino Indian and a psychotic archer - is on the hunt.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, C/Supt. Robert DeClercq receives a grisly taunt. The head sent anonymously by mail is no bigger than a baseball and bleached the same ashen white, with stitching that seals a withered pair of lips and two sunken eyes. Years ago, the Headhunter pushed DeClercq to the brink of hell. Has that psycho returned to shove him over the edge?

Canada's Western frontier is gone; but not its frontier to the North. There, in a bone-chilling chase reminiscent of the Mad Trapper of Rat River, the hunter becomes the hunted in a desperate bid to rescue an abducted hostage from an isolated winter cabin haunted by historic primal screams.

The Mad Trapper of Rat River, dead

"Bloody, violent, and extreme: what a good yarn! PRIMAL SCREAM walks a fine line between fiction and reality. It's difficult not to believe that the plot is absolutely true."
- Joseph Bellows, Q.C. in The Vancouver Sun
"Slade writes the cop thrillers that cops read. In PRIMAL SCREAM, death comes in many diabolically imaginative guises." - Max Wyman in The Vancouver Sun
"The scariest Slade novel thus far. He knows how to blend horror and mystery to get a nice mix. There's lots of clever hardware for searching and killing. Fans will love it."
- Margaret Cannon in The Globe and Mail
"Michael Slade thrillers are overrun with psycho killers. Slade's devotion to delivering kick packs quite a wallop." - Chris Dafoe in The Globe and Mail
"Slade's real-life courtroom specialty in the law of insanity explains his ability to explore sick minds so convincingly. PRIMAL SCREAM oozes perversion and wraps it up in a tense plot. Well worth reading." - The Gazette, Montreal
"PRIMAL SCREAM will make you squirm. A spine-chilling roller-coaster ride into the primitive recesses of a psychotic's mind, it's a classic whodunit with the mystery solved only on the final pages. Look up 'page-turner' in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of a Michael Slade book." - North Shore News

Burnt Bones

The Millennium is upon us, and with it a new kind of killer. A killer fit for the New Dark Age.

C/Supt. Robert DeClercq has faced a horde of psychos in his time. But never one as coldly diabolical as Mephisto.

Mephisto sends his deadly challenge to DeClercq from cyberspace. Somewhere out there lurks a hellish mastermind, a sadistic psychopath obsessed with the secret of Stonehenge.

What the devil is Stonehenge? Through two million dark nights that mysterious puzzle has baffled mankind. Mephisto suspects the answer lies in the Highland Hoard - a mythic cache secreted by barbarian raiders on Hadrian's Wall - which also reveals what must be done to save mankind from itself.

Backed by Donella, a femme fatale as warped as he is, and a cult of modern sacrificing Druids, Mephisto uses DeClercq as a pawn in his maniacal quest to uncover the treasure. Trapped in a life-or-death race to save a captive from dying the most horrible death imaginable, Special X must use 21st century forensics to prevent Mephisto from using the secrets of the past to shape a future hell on Earth.

The answer to the riddle of Stonehenge?

Burnt bones.

"The Slade books have developed a strong following among police officers because of their strict adherence to proper police procedure." - Reader's Digest
"The psycho to end all psychos. Mephisto makes Hannibal Lecter seem like an Oxford don with slightly unorthodox culinary tastes." - The Vancouver Sun
"Slade villains are among the most twisted, evil creations to adorn the printed page. The nervous tension of Slade novels is enhanced by the realization that no one is safe - any character could be killed or maimed at any time." - Cemetery Dance
"Top cop Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo had only one condition when asked to be a character in BURNT BONES. 'I asked not to be mutilated.' Rossmo is a Slade fan. 'They're really interesting reads,' says the supercop." - The Canadian Press
"If you like your murders gory and in bulk, this is the series for you. Slade writes the kind of stuff of which nightmares are made." - The Globe and Mail
"BURNT BONES is a very original thriller - nice and gory, with plenty of scenery-chewing scenes - that should appeal to anyone looking for a change from the usual stuff that litters bookstore shelves." - The Halifax Chronicle-Herald
"Mephisto's female partner, Donella, is a sexual Amazon with the tenderness of a cobra. Mephisto's demonic Druids are impersonal killing machines. Their favorite diversion is to burn people alive in wicker cages. Slade's careful research into the mystery of Stonehenge is well-handled." - Island Tides


The game begins in Seattle. On Halloween, a woman opens her door to a trick-or-treater in a Munch's Scream mask. Later, she's found hanged with one leg missing.

Then, in Vancouver, a noosed body is found with both legs missing.

What binds these crimes together is a game of "Hangman" crudely drawn at both locations in the victims' blood.

Years ago, the pair were jurors in a trial that sent the defendant to the gallows.

Now, on both sides of the border, Inspector Zinc Chandler and Detective Maddy Thorne are hunting a vendetta killer bent on revenge.

To stop him, they must solve the riddle of the Hangman before a final lynching means the madman wins the game.

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

The gallows in Slade's home town

"Master of the Northern Giallo! There are more than a few reasons to take the stand and scream the glories of literary demon Michael Slade." - Rue Morgue
"A harrowing tale of revenge. HANGMAN is a hardboiled police procedural based on the tough realities that Slade faced every day in court. The hallmark of a Slade novel is extensive research. Readers come away not only entertained - and terrified - but also enlightened." - Cemetery Dance
"HANGMAN's escalating suspense is sustained not only by readers wondering 'whodunit,' but who will be the next to die. Every character is both a suspect and a potential victim. HANGMAN is an inventive, occasionally hilarious horror-mystery that delivers the goods by the bloody bag-full." - Quill & Quire
"Murder with gore galore, and a killer who enjoys his hobby. There's plenty of legerdemain before the trick ending." - The Globe and Mail
"Fascinating stuff. The research on real-life hangmen is deftly larded into the fast-paced story." - The Vancouver Sun
"Slade's got credibility. He's like Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs. All three know what they're talking about. The difference is that I think his books are better written."
- Robert Blackwood, Vancouver International Writers Festival
"First-hand knowledge of the judicial system gives Slade's thrillers their authenticity." - North Shore News

Death's Door

The photos pinned to the Strategy Wall in C/Supt. Robert DeClercq's office are of surgically mutilated corpses dumped throughout the West Coast's San Juan and Gulf Islands. The Mounties of Special X and San Juan County Sheriff's deputy Jenna Bond are faced with cunning fiends creating human monsters.

Plus there's the perfectly preserved Egyptian mummy stolen in England by a heist that incinerates eight security guards. Was it smuggled into Vancouver when two customs agents were shot?

Mixed in with these macabre events are a local porn king, a made-to-order snuff film producer, a necrophilic hit man called the Undertaker, and a renegade plastic surgeon to aging Hollywood stars.

The worst threat, however, comes from Mephisto. Not only is that megalomaniac out to gut DeClercq, but he plans to shove the world to the brink of Death's Door.

"RCMP Staff Sergeant Christine Wozney is the second real life cop to be used as a character in a Slade novel. For Wozney, the head of ViCLAS - the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis Section - on the West Coast, the flights of frightful fantasy in Slade's psycho thrillers represent all-too-real events. And she should know. 'There may be a lot of things in Slade that you'll read and go, "Oh my goodness, they don't really do that to people, do they?" says the Mountie. 'I can tell you, yes, they do.'" - The Outlook
"DEATH'S DOOR is a Grade A thriller. Slade has finely honed his skills: twisted, near-omnipotent villains, brutal violence, sharp plot twists, solid (and enthralling) historical research, the latest in high-tech crime-fighting techniques. Cliffhanger rushes headlong into cliffhanger. You'll be up all night reading it and, before you finally sleep, you'll check under the bed." - The Vancouver Sun
"There are psycho thrillers and there are psycho thrillers, and the ones to watch are those by Michael Slade. This high-powered mystery stars a psycho so heinous that you might want to take a deep breath before starting this baffling case. Here's a story to be read with caution." - The Ottawa Citizen
"There isn't a precedent for the barbaric brilliance of a Slade novel. With its well-researched, candid ventures into the most deranged of sick psyches, DEATH'S DOOR is a witches' brew of intense intellectualism, police procedure, and white-knuckle, wince-inducing gore." - Rue Morgue

Bed of Nails

From deep within the high-security ward of a mental hospital, the Ripper plots revenge against Inspector Zinc Chandler. When Chandler responds to a bizarre murder at a hotel in Vancouver - a Hollywood producer suspended upside down like the Hanged Man card in a tarot deck, with a crown of nails hammered into his head - the Mountie becomes enmeshed in a deadly battle with the most implacable of psychotic enemies.

To solve that murder and the horrific killings that follow at the foot of Maltby Cemetery's Thirteen Steps to Hell and Ted Bundy's house, Chandler must look back in time to 1888, when London was terrorized by its own demented Ripper, and into the weird world of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

His search takes him from a high-speed car chase with guns blazing in the streets of Vancouver to the fantasy realm of the Goths at the World Horror Convention in Seattle to a nail-biting climax in the Kingdom of Bones on the cannibal island of Tangaroa in the South Pacific, where Survivor is the game and Chandler an unwilling contestant.

"BED OF NAILS electroshocks the reader into turning pages long into the night. It's a get-under-your-skin thriller with machine-gun dialogue and impressive real-world research. It's one heck of a ride, and definitely not for the faint of heart." -
"BED OF NAILS blends cunning whodunits with creepy psychos derived from Slade's criminal defense history." - Cemetery Dance
"Michael Slade is undeniably the best thriller writer of our generation." - Del Howison of Dark Delicacies
"Rife with fabulously gruesome cannibalism details, BED OF NAILS manages to straddle both the big blockbuster thriller and small, quirky novel-of-terror camps." - The Chiaroscuro (ChiZine)
"BED OF NAILS could stand tall beside the horror-ific works of Stephen King or Anne Rice." - Halifax Daily News
"A graphic, unflinching novel full of action, suspense, and intensity that turns the screws on its readers." - The Georgia Straight


In the closing days of World War II, Hitler summons SS-General Ernst Streicher to his Berlin bunker to discuss the Third Reich's only hope to win the war - the Wonder Weapons controlled by Himmler's dreaded SS. When an overnight raid by the Allies forces Streicher to abandon his underground Mittelwerk factory assembling V-2 rockets, it sets in motion a monstrous conspiracy that still lies hidden today.

In present-day Vancouver, the RCMP's Special X squad is on the hunt for a pair of Nazi-inspired killers. A Nazi swastika is carved into each victim's forehead.

When Special X turns to the FBI for links to the swastika signature in the United States, the black world of the Pentagon picks up the clue and ties it to the long-kept secret of what crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

Moving between wartime Germany and the manhunt in Vancouver, SWASTIKA revolves around a deadly four-sided cat-and-mouse game embroiling the Mounties, Pentagon hit men, and the Nazi psychopaths.

Von Braun, behind Himmler, in SS uniform

"A perfect blend of historical background, police procedure, and lightning-fast action with a dash of horror. Slade's skill at intertwining the past and the present is uncanny. Don't start SWASTIKA unless you can finish it. You won't want to put it down."
- CrimeSpree Magazine
"Slade blends crime genres like no other writer. SWASTIKA is a clever whodunit that will challenge the sharpest readers. Slade has the art of misdirection down to a veritable science." - Hellnotes
"The scenes in Hitler's bunker and the V-2 rocket factory are so descriptive that it's difficult to know where historical fact leaves off and fiction begins. The story races along like a hound on the scent. SWASTIKA will please anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a historical bent." - Quill & Quire
"The King of Psychothrillers. Readers who relish monsters wearing a human face must read Michael Slade." - Midwest Review of Book
"An action-packed, techno-conspiracy thriller. It is no small testament to Slade's ability as a writer that he can craft a genuine emotional core amidst such a maze of plotlines." - Calgary Herald
"Slade has developed a hell-bent style that works like a ticking bomb." - The Province
"CSI: NAZI GERMANY. Slade knows his trade well, and is able to get inside the head of a grizzled cop and a psychotic neo-Nazi with equal skill." - Montreal FFWD Weekly


Vengeance is his.

Genjo Tokuda - a war criminal and the head of Japan's yakuza crime syndicate - is lured to Vancouver for the Pacific War Vets Convention. The keynote speaker will be one of the crewmen of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing Tokuda's entire family.

Tokuda plans to satisfy the bushido oath he made to his ancestors years ago at the ruins of their Hiroshima shrine. First he'll kill the crewman's family; then he'll kill the American airman in a fittingly gruesome way.

That crewman is the grandfather of Corporal Jackie Hett of Special X.

The Mounties must stop an all-powerful samurai gangster before he hits too close to home.

"When you are widely known as Canada's Master of the Macabre, it's really tough to break out of the mold. But Michael Slade has done that superbly with SWASTIKA and KAMIKAZE, each of them based on the wartime experiences of his parents in the European and Pacific conflicts. Both books are mainstream thrillers that zip along at the usual Slade pace, and both ring chillingly true and grotesquely familiar, dealing as they do with the repercussions of fact-based historical conspiracies in our world today. Art imitating life, or is it the other way around? Either way, we're seeing a virtuoso breakout by Slade into another realm of creativity." - Jack Whyte, bestselling author of the Camulod Chronicles, the Templar trilogy, and the Guardians series
"KAMIKAZE interweaves the atrocities and conspiracies of the past with fast-paced contemporary action. The storytelling is crisp and compelling, and there are enough twists to satisfy even the most ardent Slade fan. An intense cat-and-mouse game plays out on the streets of Vancouver and in the skies above Lions Gate Bridge. With its strong emotional resonance, KAMIKAZE is a passionate indictment of the lies of wartime. It's intense, and easily capable of keeping a reader up into the wee hours."
- The Vancouver Sun
"KAMIKAZE is a deeply cynical piece of work. Slade is all about procedure, feeding our endless appetite for the inner workings of the police. The novel's enormous research and central thesis make it something else. War itself comes off as the most murderous of serial killers." - The Georgia Straight
"No Slade novel would be complete without a psychopath or two. But he's not satisfied to merely present an intriguing whodunit that will have mystery lovers scratching their heads and sorting through enough red herrings to stock a fish hatchery - though he does. In KAMIKAZE, he postulates a controversial hidden motivation for the bombing of Hiroshima that doesn't appear in most history books. KAMIKAZE weaves together historical strands, contemporary killers, and the feats of Special X in a gripping, tense, and exciting climax." - Hellnotes


Meet Wyatt Rook: lawyer, historian, detective.

A World War II bomber has been unearthed half a century after vanishing on a secret mission over Nazi Germany. Liz Hannah, the pilot's granddaughter, hires Rook to investigate.

Rook's inquiries lead him into a shadowy world of religious secrecy that involves the crucifixion at Golgotha, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and satanism.

Using paintings and maps as clues, Rook and the reader must solve a series of biblical mysteries to unravel the greatest locked-room puzzle of all: how did Jesus escape from his tomb?

Blocking the lawyer at every turn is the Legionary of Christ, a modern Crusader backed by the morphed Inquisition, which will stop at nothing to keep the Judas puzzle - the Achilles heel of the Christian Bible - from being solved.

"A smoking hot read. Prepare to be entertained. Slade conjures up a Christian's worst nightmare. This slick whodunit is full of twists and turns." - The CTV Network
"If you want a series of mysteries better than the puzzles in THE DA VINCI CODE, CRUCIFIED is your book. Slade has all the hot buttons punched." - The Globe and Mail
"As far as historical, Vatican-connected occult thrillers go, this is a fun one, with the various timelines balanced to play off each other with verve." - Kirkus Reviews
"Those with an insatiable appetite for DA VINCI CODE-type conspiracy thrillers will be most rewarded." - Publishers Weekly
"The plot moves at breakneck speed. Enjoy the ride." - Precedent
"Slade has successfully broadened to a new genre which combines crime fiction with that subtle nervous feeling you get when argument raises a reasonable doubt about a hitherto certainty - in this case, nothing less than your faith." - The Advocate, for lawyers
"Unfolds with effortless readability, despite the fact it ranges over two millennia. There are twists aplenty, scenes of gruesome torture and murder (with Inquisition tools, of course), and a series of small mysteries leading up to the larger mystery at the centre of the book. It leaves one wanting more." - Quill & Quire
"BOOK OF THE MONTH. A walloping murder mystery that cuts throats and shows no quarter. Ambitiously dark, sophisticated, and complex. Enjoy." - Fangoria

Red Snow

Someone is bushwhacking athletes preparing for the Winter Olympics.

Soon, a raging winter storm and a deranged killer's team of mercenaries cut Whistler Mountain off from the rest of the world.

Bent on bloody revenge, Mephisto has returned with his sights set on C/Supt. Robert DeClercq. His elaborate plan includes assassinating anyone connected with the Mountie who can ID him. And that's just the start of his horrific doomsday scheme.

To thwart the megalomaniac, Special X and the reader must solve 2 whodunits, 2 howdunits, 2 locked room puzzles, and a dying message.

Let the games begin!

Martin Ansin illustration for The Globe and Mail

Steve Pohl illustration

"As always with Slade, a cracking good detective story." - Anne Perry, Britain's queen of historical detective fiction, the William Monk and Thomas Pitt series
"RED SNOW is crisply-written, sly and exciting. Michael Slade is a writer who clearly knows how to tell a story and make it real." - Robert McCammon, New York Times bestselling author of SWAN SONG, BOY'S LIFE, and the Matthew Corbett series
"Another Slade Slam-dunk!" - Jack Whyte, bestselling author of the Camulod Chronicles, the Templar trilogy, and the Guardians series
"RED SNOW is Michael Slade in top form with his trademarked relentless pacing and one of the most ingenious and unsettling murder weapons ever imagined." - F. Paul Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of the Repairman Jack series
"In the annals of dark fiction, Canada can claim one true champion in Michael Slade. In his latest mind-bender, the plot yanks you compulsively toward its solution, and the shocks make you jerk back in fright." - Toronto Star
"Very good twists, and a great villain. Mephisto, who seems to have attained a new level of insanity, is the kind of homicidal maniac you can't take your eyes off. The writing is tight and compelling." - Winnipeg Free Press
"Red snow indeed! This one is guaranteed to keep you awake with the lights burning." - The Globe and Mail
"The bloody action doesn't slow down until the final gunshots. A pedal-to-the-metal thriller that's got readers on the edge of their seats and reviewers raving." - Whistler Question
"RED SNOW is Ian Fleming-esque in its narrative drive. Mephisto makes Hannibal Lecter look like a dime store hoodlum." - Fangoria