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HEADHUNTER Reimagined is an all-new telling of Michael Slade's first Special X thriller (published in 1984) about the psycho-hunters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Headhunter is loose on the streets of Vancouver. The psycho's victims are everywhere - floating in the Fraser River, buried in a shallow grave, nailed to a totem pole on the university campus. All are women. All are headless. Then the taunting photographs arrive. Carefully posed shots of the women's heads stuck on poles. The Mounties of Special X are up against a unique brand of killer. A killer whose sexual psychosis stretches back through Ecuador's steaming jungle and a scream-filled New Orleans dungeon to a dead-of-winter manhunt in the Rocky Mountains a century ago.

"HEADHUNTER Reimagined … like it wasn't freak-out-scary enough the first time! All I can say is that Michael Slade's brain is getting twistier with time — and Crime doesn't come any darker than Slade's Mountie Noir." - Diana Gabaldon, author of OUTLANDER
"HEADHUNTER stunned me! It's really good!" - Alice Cooper
"A real chiller! HEADHUNTER gives you shock value for the money. It will raise hackles, eyebrows, and blood pressure everywhere." - Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO
"As a young cop walking Vancouver's Skid Road beat, HEADHUNTER enthralled me with its hardboiled realism and noir horror. Now, a third of a century later, the reimagined story is no less exciting or frightening. The dark shadows in a Michael Slade novel make you want to keep your back against the alley wall." - Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo (VPD ret.), inventor of Geographic Profiling and ongoing international psycho-hunter
"Crime writer Michael Slade is the real deal! As a trial lawyer, Slade knows psycho killers, sex predators, and their horrific crimes inside out. As a Mountie, I worked sex crimes and led a team of ViCLAS psycho-hunters for 7 years. If reading Slade makes you react, 'Wow! Serial killers don't really do that to people, do they?', I can tell you, yes, they do." - RCMP Staff Sergeant Christine Wozney (ret.), CO of the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis team (West Coast)

The History of Michael Slade and HEADHUNTER Reimagined

Criminal lawyer Michael Slade has acted in over a hundred murder cases. He specializes in the law of insanity, and argued the last hanging case in the Supreme Court. Reader's Digest says: "The Slade books have developed a strong following among police officers because of their strict adherence to proper police procedure." Slade was guest speaker at the international Police Leadership Conference and at several RCMP regimental dinners, and was guest of honor at the World Horror Convention in Seattle.

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