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Chief Superintendent Robert DeClercq has faced a horde of psychos in his time. But never one as coldly diabolical as Mephisto.

Mephisto sends his challenge to the Special X psycho-hunters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from cyberspace. Somewhere out there lurks a hellish mastermind, a sadistic psychopath obsessed with the secret of Stonehenge.

What the devil is Stonehenge? Through two million dark nights that puzzle has baffled humankind. Mephisto suspects the answer lies in the Highland Hoard – a mythic cache hidden by barbarian raiders on Hadrian's Wall – which reveals what must be done to save us from ourselves.

Abetted by Donella, a tartan-clad Amazon femme fatale, and a cult of millennial Druids embroiled in human sacrifice, Mephisto uses the Mounties as pawns to find the ancient treasure, while DeClercq recruits cutting-edge 21st century mental map forensics to keep the madman from unleashing hell on earth.

The answer to the riddle of Stonehenge?

Burnt bones.

"The psycho to end all psychos. Mephisto makes Hannibal Lecter seem like an Oxford don with slightly unorthodox culinary tastes." - The Vancouver Sun
"If you like your murders gory and in bulk, this is the series for you. It's up to Special X to unravel the web of a millenarian cult gone mad. Slade writes the kind of stuff of which nightmares are made." - The Globe and Mail
"Slade villains are among the most twisted, evil creations to adorn the printed page. Because he works closely with police officers to ensure that he uses state-of-the-art forensic techniques, Slade writes cop thrillers that real cops read." - Cemetery Dance
"Top cop Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo had only one condition when asked to be a character in BURNT BONES. 'I asked not to be mutilated,' jokes the psycho-hunter. Rossmo is a Slade fan, partly because the books revel in a kind of ambitiously macabre crime that is a cut above the sad, grim routine a police officer sees. 'They're really interesting reads,' says the cybercop." - The Canadian Press
"Mephisto's partner, Donella, is a sexual Amazon with the tenderness of a cobra. Mephisto's demonic Druids are impersonal killing machines. The careful research into the mystery of Stonehenge is well-handled. The job of a criminal lawyer is good training for writing complex, detailed stories. If you like fantastic characters in a setting of blood and human barbecues, you won't be disappointed." - Island Tides
Criminal lawyer Michael Slade has acted in over a hundred murder cases. He specializes in the law of insanity, and argued the last hanging case in the Supreme Court. Reader's Digest says: "The Slade books have developed a strong following among police officers because of their strict adherence to proper police procedure." Slade was guest speaker at the international Police Leadership Conference and at several RCMP regimental dinners, and was guest of honor at the World Horror Convention in Seattle.

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